miércoles, noviembre 25, 2009

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Dvd en vivo

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Live (dvd 2009)

DVD Audio Set List

'Weapon Of Choice'
'Rise Or Fall'
'666 Conducer'
'Ain't No Easy Way'
'Weight Of The World'
'All You Do Is Talk'
'Red Eyes And Tears'
'As Sure As the Sun'
'America X'
'Spread Your Love'
'Love Burns'
'Dirty Old Town'
'Six Barrel Shotgun'
'Whatever Happened To My Rock And Roll (Punk Song)'
'Fault Line'
'Took Out A Loan'
'The Show Is About To Begin'
'Heart And Soul'

DVD bonus Set List

1. Devils Waitn (Somerset House London 2007)
2. Rifles T In The Park
3. Feel It Now Jam
4. BBC Radio Sessions Birmingham
5. Recording Ain't No Easy Way
6. Making Of The Weapon Of Choice Video
7. In The Studio Featurette
8. Recording The Line
9. Recording Shuffle Your Feet
10. Ain't No Easy Way
11. Head Up High
12. Need Some Air
14. American X (Short Film)

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